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Racing In Car Full Game Review ( Android/iOS )


Love speed? Addicted to cars? Or only wanted to race through the roads? What if you get all three of these into one game? You will say, how’s not possible. But it is possible. Fast Free Games Company made it possible in their next release Racing In Car. From the name you could easily understand that it is a car racing game. There are many racing games available on internet but I would say it is far different from all of them. Why? Because the steering will be in your hand and you will be seated on the driving sit. Now you could imagine how exciting it will be!

The rules are pretty easy. On the road there are also other cars like trucks, big vans, other cars etc. you have to pass through traffics maintaining the speed without being crashed. The more close you will cross the cars you will get rewards of ten points. In different locations making the highest points is the aim of the game.

Features of Racing In Car Game:

  • Racing In Car is a 3D graphics game. While playing the game you will feel that you yourself driving the game. The graphics are so good that you cannot move your eyes from the road, in case of any accident.
  • Sounds are also very good and very much appropriate for the game. It gives you a reality game. The sound of the cars in the road, when you cross any cars, or when you crash with some others, every time the sounds felt like you are really on the roads.
  • The tutorial section of the game is short but enough to learn. It is very easy to learn and sustain in the game for a long time but still it is very addictive that you cannot stop playing it.
  • It is a car racing game and obviously there will be various types of cars with different powers and powers. Unlock more levels and you will have more powerful and fascinating cars. Some with extra speed or some with good grip and break.
  • The game is obviously endless. The more long you travel the more score you will have and top the score board. The game has no end; you can play it for hours and hours. Even it is not repetitive. Every time you play it there will be some new challenge.
  • The rules are pretty easy. You just only have to pass your car through the traffics without crashing. Suddenly a car or truck may come in your way; all you have to do is fixed your eyes on road.

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Disappointments of Racing In Car game:

  • There is not much to do in the game. The road is straight. After some time the speed of the car and traffic will increase that’s it. No turnings, no escaping nothing. It is only bore you.
  • It will rather tire your eyes. You have to fix your eyes on the screen for a long time, which is tiring. And after some time it will also bore you.
  • The game has no control setting. If it increases its speed you cannot reduce it or control it. As a result it will crash with the other cars and ended up your game.

In the terms of graphics and sound there is no competition with the game but the developer should do more to it. More adventures and more excitements should be added so that the players may enjoy it more. In the first it will be very good but after some time it will bore you.

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