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Puppy Dog Playhouse 2 – Full game review


Today in this 3G world you can get whatever you want. Even you can keep pets in our phone.  It became possible because of Tuto TOONS, the game company who develops the game. The main intention of the game is to give educational values to the kids. Through the game you can learn how to take care of someone, how to help your parents, your art skill will increase, and you can also build your daily habits. In spite of all these educational activities the game is fun, easy and engages you for hours.

There are four pet dogs in the playhouse 2 series. Trixie the poodle, Biscuit the German shepherd, Lulu the corgi and Puddles the cocker spaniel at their secret playhouse! Come and meet the cutest four fun-loving puppy dogs are waiting to spend the day with you. Style and dress up each character, with loads of accessories and a unique fun activity for each puppy. The game is free to download but there is some equipment that you need to buy with real money. Other than that there is lot of things to do in the game that can easily keep you busy in your leisure time.

Special feature of Puppy Dog Playhouse 2 game:

  • Four super cute puppies to choose from. Each one of them is different from each other. You have to do different activities for each one. Some like to make up, some like to eat, and some like to be clean and clear all the time. You will defiantly have a good time with these fours.
  • There is an educational value lies underling in the game. Dress up games can develop creativity and art skills, cleanup games build well every day habits, cooking games show how to help parents at home, pet games teach to share and care. These are just a few examples how Tuto TOONS games let children explore the world around them and develop on their screen time.
  • The unique activities for each one will take you back to your childhood where you will dress up, style, and take care of your pet dogs or toys.
  • The game is purely made for kids. There is no violence in it. Rather a educational value in it.
  • You will get the cutest puppies ever. You might play the game only for the puppies. The developer designed them finely and beautifully.
  • The graphics are very well designed as well. The equipments used the puppies, the puppy house all are create with grace that can surely attract you.

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Cons of Puppy Dog Playhouse 2 game:

  • One main back point of the game is it has too many ads. Whenever you will connect your game to the internet you will see too many ads. That is quite annoying for everyone.
  • It is shame full that a game for the kids needs real money to unlock higher levels and some useful kits. Even you have to purchase no add with real money.
  • The game is all about taking care of the puppies. You have to feed them, play with them and clean after a certain time. Other than that there is nothing more in it. You might get bored after some time.
  • It is purely kids game. Many adults may not find it interesting. And if you love adventure or action game it is simply not for you.

Like every game it has some good and some bad points. It is might not be liked by many for the purpose of the game is only educational. And the developer intentionally made it for kids. From that point of view it can be said that the Tuto TOONS company is successful in their work.

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