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Make a city: build idle game Full Review


make a city

Have you ever thought that you can have your own city! If you have ever thought that you would built someday your own city with your own workers then your dream of making your own city will become true very soon. Because FGL indie showcase has just launched a brand new adventure game called, Make a City: Build Idle Game. From the name you can understand that the game is all about making your own city. It will be definitely a new adventurous game for you to experience.

In the game you will be the leader. Many workers will work under you. And you will earn coins for that. After some levels unlocked you can upgrade your buildings and make it a modern city. It is also an idle game. That engages your time throughout. Not only that you can also visit to your neighbour cities and got help from them and even can help them. Start your game with just one little house gradually it will turn into a multi stored building. It feels awesome when you see those changes in front of your own.

Some key features of Make a city:

  • You will be builder here. So it is up to you how you will construct your city and design it in your own way. You will have more workers with every level. In the beginning you will have one building and some plots. After a certain time tap on the houses and you will collect money. And with this money you can build more buildings.
  • The game looks pretty good. The graphics are well designed. The buildings look quite real. You can buy more plots to expand your city. You can even make another city and move your city to another. There are also neighbour cities available, from where you can take help.
  • There are some permanent boosters to increase your income from the commercial buildings. You can buy these boosters with the game money.
  • Connect your game with internet with user id and password and you will have access the game from anywhere. You can also increase your rank with online booster.
  • To play the game you will need android version 2.3 and up. The current version o the game is 1.2.5. More features available in the updated version, like upgraded buildings, daily challenges and more.

Cons of the Make a city game:

  • Like many other city game it is also same. There is nothing new here. The game is very repetitive. After a certain level it will bored you. As an adventurous game there is no thrilling in the game. So it will definitely bore you.
  • With the upgrading of levels you will need more money to buy plots or upgrade your buildings. But the source of money is not much. So it is quite challenging for you to complete any challenge.
  • The graphics and the buildings look childish. Even the child wants to play thrilling game. In this game all you have to do is tap on the buildings, collecting coins and upgrading them.
  • There is some confusion the game. The tutorial section is not clearly says what exactly or how you have to do. So naturally in the higher levels it will be challenging for you to complete any challenge.
  • After opening the game there is only a few minutes of work in it. Collecting and upgrading and that’s it. If you want to pass your time by playing it long, the game will disappoint you.
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Maybe if you want a game that pretty much plays itself, Build Away! could lure you in. Really though, there are plenty of Idle Clickers already out there that can be left to their own devices, while still proving to be more interesting than this. Build Away! lacks too much excitement to be anything more than a very brief distraction.

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