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Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth Full Game review



hopeless 3

After the great success of the previous two series of hopeless one and two Upopa games has released its third series called Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth. And this time it i9s really hopeless. But fun and excited to play. Those who have played Hopeless series games and they were both quite original, but the third one seems to stick to the recipe of the previous title. We had a first game with a bunch of blobs sitting in the dark, crowded by monsters coming at them, and then we got to riding mine carts and shooting the same ugly creatures. In Hopeless 3 we once again do that.

The rules of the game are pretty easy. In the dark hollow road he cute blobs are lost in the limbo of the dark cave. You have to save as many Blobs as possible .Your goal as the Blob Rescue Mission is to reach the next dirty blobby base and escape the dark den. There will be many monsters in your way you have to just push your not so powerful car and kill those monsters. There are forty levels and the cave is divided into 4 underground world zones, from dark ice and deep lava to the glow mushroom prison.

Key features of Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth:

  • The rules are very easy. You have only two tasks save all the blobs that are countable and shoot the monsters came in into your way. These monsters may come from the sky or behind the ground. You have to identify and kill them to go forth.
  • The roads are also difficult, sometime it is too high or too low and straight. So you have to struggle which is fun and exciting.
  • You will be given a cart not so powerful which is repairable. And the weapons like rifles are another attraction. After unlocking new levels you can unlock more weapons and can also upgrade them. It is probably the only game where you can upgrade your pistol into an M16. You can Unlock and collect an array of carts, cars, and tanks,to defeat the evil monsters.
  • The game is endless. There are fifty levels available in the current version in four different caves. Play this endless game and rank the top of the leader board.
  • The blobs are really very lovely and cute. And interestingly they have nothing to lose. You can buy funky hats for your cute blobs. These hats will help them to escape from reality.
  • It is just only one week that the game has been released. And it has over fifty million players already. And it ranks 4.56 in the rating scale. That is something really amazing and good news for the developers.

The improvements that game need:

  • Before we criticize the game too much, keep in mind we tested a pre-release version of the title, so the finalized one may be better. The previous two versions are unique but this version has no unique quality like the other two.
  • Some levels of the game are too easy and some are very hard. It’s upon on your luck whether you get the easy one or the tough one. If you get the easy one you can easily finish the game in just two days.
  • In the first few levels the game is interesting, after some time it will bored you. As there nothing new to do in the next levels other than killing monsters and collecting blobs.
  • The developers categorize Hopeless 3 as an action game. But it lacks the intensity, tension and modest violence that an action game required.

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It is just only one week that Hopeless 3 has been released. And if there are some faults in the game the developer will resolve it in their next update version. There is nothing hopeless in it. It’s a fun game, but only if you play it for first and not also pays the predecessors. The app is free in the Google play store app and almost supportable in every current version of android. So you have to pay nothing if you play it for once.

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