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Devil Breaker – You Should Play This Game


Devil Breaker is an awesome fantasy strategy simulation game developed by Mobirix in the mid year of 2016. Mobirix is mostly popular for its strategy based games in the gaming world. And with all the expectations from the players their new game Devil Breaker is also very successful till now. And only in six months it has over fifty million players.  It is generally a strategy game. It plays on a board. And there are almost hundred plus heroes available. Ten classes and the five elements of nature all are intermingled in the game.

Devil breaker is one such strategy game with anime characters in a fantasy world. The heroes have to break through the devils to reach their goals. It is also a kind of RPG game as you have direct control over the heroes. But obviously there are limitations n it. But graphics wise sound wise and in visualise it conquers everyone’s mind. There might be many similar types of games in available on the internet but it has some unique qualities that separate it from the others.

The quality that made it unique:

  • A wide collection. Devil Breaker has the collection of more than hundred heroes, a wide collection of monsters, five elements of nature, and also many weapons. Each of them is upgradeable. With your level up you can upgrade them to boost your power and defeat your enemies.
  • The graphics is awesome. The fantasy world is decorated pretty beautifully to attract its players. The heroes deck in the underground maze is also creates the atmosphere of real fighting.
  • After the graphics the sound system is also very amazing. It is just apt for any strategically fighting game.
  • As it is a strategy game, you will have a deck for each hero. You have to fight with the devils that came into the way of them and destroy them to make your own way.
  • The power of the heroes is upgradable. With each level you pass, you can unlock more heroes as well as more powers for the heroes that make them stronger.
  • With many heroes and devils there also available many modes as well. You can play Guild Raid to compete with your friends.
  • Though Devil Breaker is a single player game you can connect the game with the internet and play with your online friends. Your name in the top list of the leader board will give you many exciting rewards and boosters.

Some faults to be corrected:

  • It’s a fun hero chess game but you cannot pick any hero you want to move first because it keeps having one hero blocking the other if it could be just moved one before the other it would have been easier.
  • Once you hit stage nine it is tough to beat. I don’t mind grinding however; there are no chances left on lower stages unless you use real money. So even now you can’t even grind to get stronger. I have to wait until the game refreshes every day.
  • Another Problem is there are network connection errors constantly so you might miss a lot of items gained in quest and constantly have to reload game. If you have poor internet connection, then it might trouble you.
  • There is also PVR issue. Whenever you have opponents the game always stuck and the screen shows ‘loading’. In that situation you need to restart the game all over which is quite annoying.
  • When the game installs on your device it needs permission of the operator, even it needs the contact details. It is confusing why a game will be needed someone’s contact details!

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There is some problem when you connects the game with internet, the developer soon need to fix this. But otherwise one can surely say it is a good game, a good hangout to pass your off time. Everyone should play once to have the experience of that fantasy world.

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