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Amateur Surgeon 4 Tips & Tricks 2018 – No Hack No Cheats


Amateur Surgeon 4 Tips/Tricks 2018 – No Hack/Cheats

Amateur Surgeon 4 is going to surprise you with crazy surgeries that you are going to perform in this game. As the name suggests you have to be a surgeon, but performing crazy surgeries.  Start performing surgery on more than 100 patients with household cool tools in this game.  Just grab your pizza cutter and start the interesting operation.

Doctor bleed is the leader of the amateur surgery and you are supposed to help him with the mystery of sudden restoration as he is roaming around the world to find out the answers and continues to save some innocent people coming along his path.

In this article I will tell you few tips and tricks about the game. I will not talk about any Amateur Surgeon 4 hack cheats here. People search these hack cheats for their android or ios games but they do not work.

Amateur Surgeon 4 Tips Without Hack

You will be playing as Doctor Bleed who is an expert in the department of advanced surgery. The main objective in this game is to learn the techniques of surgery again that the doctor used to perform earlier so that you can carry his legacy to future generations.

You will find the game interesting as well as the content written for describing the instructions and game tips seems quite witty. The in-game tools that you get to carry out surgery are entertaining too. For example the pizza cutter, the office stapler and remember you can upgrade these tools to acquire benefits like miss protection and increased speed. This will also help you get access to choose partners to assist during operations like Filthy Nowe who in turn can help you find out the valuables hidden inside patients.

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In order to get successful in this game, you need to do a quick and proper management of your resources while you complete puzzles. This means you need to figure out quickly as how to treat the patient well by using the appropriate tools and the right order in which you need to use the tools. You need to be alert all the time in the game as you will suddenly face the patient’s symptoms like drop in pulse rate.

Special tactics in the game

  • Act like a doctor with 100 and more to cut and start operating
  • Operate on lungs, brains, eyes, bears, Robots, Giant Squids, and bears etc.
  • Hire 30 or more partners having unusual and extraordinary abilities
  • Switch to Field Hospital survival mode with extremely high speed operation
  • Compete with your friends for achievements and high score.

Amateur Surgeon 4: good for beginners and inexperienced players

The game features keep popping in to help you understand how to use the tools. You may find the game starting on an easy note, which later increases its pace in terms of difficulties and you will simply enjoy as you progress in the game with each level. Those who need free experience there is a plenty of game play available apart from other in-app purchases in the game.

You will experience the feel of original surgery with blood, lovely and weird patients. So, if you want to experience the surgery online, download the game to unleash the different experience while performing surgeries.

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